About SpaceTimeGlobe.com

What is Spacetimeglobe.com all about?

This website was inspired by a Youtube video series published by Minute Physics. In this series they use a mechanical space time diagram, a "space time globe" as they called it. The device manufactured specifically for the videos to demonstrate the concepts of special relativity. The device was great, intuitive and hands on, but I doubted that anybody watching the videos would go through the trouble of building such an elaborate device just to try to understand the concepts of special relativity. I certainly wasn't going to start machining blocks of aluminum. So instead, I set out to create my own virtual version of the tool. I then made it available online and added features to make it shareable and fully interactive. This allows you to be able share and discuss the concepts with your friends.

That is how SpaceTimeGlobe.com came to be. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.